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Live Voice Session Management

Managed Voice Over Sessions

Service Description

Are you a voice actor with a big remote session on the horizon and prefer to focus solely on your performance rather than juggle the technical aspects? Robbo's Session Engineer service is designed to streamline your experience, ensuring you deliver that slick, big-studio sound every client desires. Connect with your clients effortlessly, as I handle all the technical details. From setting up and managing multiple connections to recording and editing your audio live, I ensure everything runs smoothly. You'll perform without worrying about playback takes or the post-session cleanup. Here's What You Get: Professional Setup and Management: I'll manage your connections, ensuring crystal-clear audio and that only necessary sounds are heard. Live Recording and Editing: Focus on your art while I record, edit, and playback your takes in real time. Final Touches and Delivery: After the session, I'll polish your audio, save it in .WAV format (or any format you request), and distribute copies to all relevant parties, including a backup for your archives. Stress-Free and Secure: With Robbo’s Source Connect certification, expect a seamless session, or choose your preferred connection method if Source Connect isn’t your style. Special Offer: Book your 60-minute session now and enjoy a 10% discount on your next booking.

  • 1 h
  • 240 Australian dollars
  • Source Connect or your preferred method

Cancellation Policy

For most appointments, we offer a full refund if canceled at least 48 hours in advance. Should an emergency arise, you're welcome to reschedule once at no additional cost.

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