Ian "Lofty" Fulton
EM Voices (SYD)/Vox Inc (LA),Sheppard Agenc (TX)

Robbo and I first worked together more than 30 years ago, when I was just starting out in the world of freelance voice over.

Since then we have collaborated on many projects, including the launch of ONEFM Singapore.

He is brilliant , so when it was time to update my imaging demos there was really only one choice in where to go.

Colin Day.jpeg

Colin Day 
Thurston Day VO - UK unparalleled joy. Of course, he’s got great production chops – you knew that – but he’s quick, super friendly and easy to deal with.  He just gets it and gets on with it. So when you want your demo spots  to have that proper network “oh-my-gosh-they-booked-him-for-THAT” feel, then Robbo is your man.”

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Phil Brandel
Phil Brandel Voice Overs

Robbo did a great job with my demo. From spending time with me on the phone to understand my needs, to writing scripts and taking the time to work with me when it came time to put the rubber on the road.

I would recommend anyone who's looking for a killer demo to look no further...


Andrew Peters
Scout Voice Management/
Stewart Talent NY

When I needed a new Demo there was really only one place I was ever going to go... Voodoo Sound. Robbo didn't disappoint, and my demo now reflects the work I'm doing TODAY, not 15 years ago! 

Recording Studio

How Can We Help You?

No matter where you're at in your Voice Over career I can help you add some sparkle to your 60 second (or less) shot at that next big career milestone, or a job that could change your life. 


If you're an established VO, I can help you get a better sounding demo. One that not only reflects the styles your clients know and love you for but one that also gives you a chance to showcase the hidden talents that you just never seem to get a chance to let shine. Or if you already have a bunch of spots that you love, I can cut them into a demo that will push the right buttons.

If you're new to the industry, or just trying to break in, I can help you create a demo that not only gives you credibility but one that is also (and probably even more importantly) repeatable. There is no point spending hours upon hours in a studio crafting a 60-second demo that sounds INCREDIBLE if you can't repeat those performances with ease when you're in a real session. I can work with you to craft a demo that will sound great, but also not make promises you're not up to keeping just yet.

Why Voodoo?

There is a Myriad of Voice Demo Production Services out there. Why use me?

Well for starters, for more than 30 years, I have worked with some of the biggest Advertising Agencies and Media Outlets both here in Australia, and around the globe. I have been casting voices since my first Post Production job working on the ticketing campaign for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.


With the knowledge gained from working with clients like Mc Donalds, Telstra, Optus, Hyundai, KFC, Virgin, Foxtel, Triple M, ARN and many others, I can help you craft a demo that will get you noticed. I know what creatives and their clients are looking for, and will share these secrets with you as we work through the process outlined below. 

Having said that, you may just want to freshen an existing demo or add a little sparkle to a reel that feels a little flat. In that case, I can write scripts and direct you through recording some spots that will get your sizzle reel sizzling!


Step 1: Let's Get to Know Each Other...

This whole process doesn't work if I don't understand what you're trying to achieve. Are you a working Voice Actor trying to break into a new genre? Are you fresh to the industry, and looking to find an agent? Are you just looking to freshen up your existing demo with the types of reads you are capable of, but rarely seem to get cast for?


No matter which, it all begins with you and I sitting down in person (or on Zoom) and talking about getting you exactly the demo you want. This is a FREE service regardless of whether you end up booking a new demo with us or not!

We will cover stuff like:

  • YOU and what you want to achieve.

  • What areas of the business you most want to work in and how (together) we can get you there.

  • Why a GREAT demo is a must and how to make yours stand out from the pack.

  • A precise plan on how to structure your demo to make it 100% effective.

  • What makes agents, clients and agencies go crazy for your demo.

Step 2: What's Going on Your Reel.

This will depend on what we have agreed on in step one. We may just cut together a bunch of work you have already done, we may write some scripts that show a side of your voice that's not reflected in the sessions you have recorded before, OR it may be a mix of both.


If together we agree that we need some extra scripts, I can write some that are on target for your goals, or you can provide some that you already have and like. 


Step 3: Recording


Come recording day, we will either connect to your professional home studio via Source Connect, Source Connect now or IpDtl, or at a local studio of your choosing that we can connect with via all the above methods. Alternatively, you are always welcome here at our studios in Sydney.


I will direct you through every step. If you're new to the game, this real-world experience is like landing multiple real jobs - all on the same day. I'll teach you everything from mic technique to delivering reads that are professional, repeatable and most importantly BELIEVABLE!


We will also discuss studio etiquette and expectations, and understanding the terminology your clients will likely throw at you.

Step 4: Edit and Delivery

This is where my years of experience casting talent for some of Australia largest Advertising Agencies, production houses and media outlets come to the fore. I will craft your hard work into a demo that makes you stand out from the rest.