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Audio Production and Sound Design.

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As owner and Sound Designer at Voodoo Sound, Darren "Robbo" Robertson has been creating professional, high quality audio for TV, Radio and the Web for over 20 years.


Prior to that, he spent 15 years working for some of Australia’s largest Advertising Agencies, Media outlets and production houses as both a freelancer and full-time employee.

Whether it be Radio Imaging, TV or Radio Advertising, Online Content, Audiobooks, Podcasts, TV and Animation Series, Short Film or Documentary, Robbo's experience guarantees a great job, every time.

The Studio

Like it or not, COVID has changed life in the studio, possibly forever. 


To that end, I have created a "Virtual Studio" that is just as interactive as sitting on the couch at the back of the room. 

Prior to your session, you'll get a password protected link that gives you complete audio access to the studio at any time during your booking from anywhere you can get an internet signal.


You (or whomever you give your access code to) can sit in on a voice session while they're at the beach, check on progress from the local cafe, request changes or discuss options on the bus ride home, or just keep an ear on what's going on from where ever they are. And at the end of it all, you can listen live to the mix as it is happening, saving the backwards and forwards, and time-costly process of revisions.


PLUS, we can connect with any Voice Artist anywhere on the planet. So suddenly your options when it comes to casting the perfect actor for the part, just became endless. And because we're Source Connect certified, you can rest assured there'll be none of those nasty "sorry we're just having some trouble connecting" moments!!


Of course, you are always welcome to attend any session in person if you'd prefer.

Get in touch with us through our CONTACT page, or click on the button below to book a zoom call to discuss your project, its goals to help you determine if we're the right fit for you..




Retro Microphone



Broadcast Video Camera




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Agency - Saachi and Saachi Sydney
Client - Arnotts
30 Second TVC
What they said:

“Robbo always does great work for us, and once again he made our audio shine" 

Mark Lymbers - Creative Manager - Visual and Audio

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Rob Sharples

"Voodoo Sound is the most professional and switched on production house I have had the pleasure to work with in my 31 years as a Creative Director in radio.

Creative Director

WIN Radio Network


Bill Davidson

Robbo's dedication, enthusiasm, passion and professionalism to his craft makes having him as part of our production team a joy. 

Head of Production &
Content Development

Freemantle TV Australia


Graeme Gladman

There are sound engineers, audio mixers, sound studio directors……and then there is Robbo.

Try him... He works!

Creative Partner

Brand Quest


Clare Gerber

Darren was great to work with- would highly recommend. We were on a really tight deadline turning around a mix of 26 interstitials on 'Alphabreaks', and he put everything in to the project and the outcome was fantastic. Thanks Darren!

Creative Producer

Disney Australia