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Podcast Creation and Editing

Telstra - Behind The Mic
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Athletic Green - Interview Series
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Alicia Mayer - Golden Years Of Hollywood
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The Mojo Radio Show - Noel "Razor" Smith
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The Pro Audio Suite - Episode 21
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The Young Athlete Podcast - Season 2
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With a long and extensive background in radio production, it's no surprise that Podcast Production is also on our list of services. From general advice to helping you record, design, edit and/or publish your podcast. We can do as much or as little as you need.


No matter what you do, no matter what you sell, a podcast can talk to your customers, to your industry, your profession or trade, or even your staff. 


Voodoo Sound can help get your message out there. 


We can work with you from concept to publishing, or any point in between. It’s up to you. 


Given our pedigree in Advertising and Radio, I have access to quality people who are professionals at what they do and are here to make your transition to podcast host (or owner) a breeze – From hosts to voiceovers, to music designers and Social Media experts, etc. You name it, I can help you.

Recording the Mojo Radio Show at Bondi Beach..

Concept, Production, Recording, Editing and Mix by Voodoo Sound...

The Mojo Radio show is an unashamedly Australian Podcast about, ideas, creativity, and "being the best you can be" in general. So when summer arrived, and an international guest was in town, what better way to engage in an exchange of ideas and thought-provoking conversation than to have that chat on the shores of the iconically Australian Bondi Beach.


What's In It For You?

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Enjoy creative control.

Let us come to you, record in our "Virtual" studio come to us, or a combination of all the above. You worry about the great ideas, we'll make them happen.

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Rest Easy.

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