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Some Of Our Clients:



Are you tired of being promised, "great results at a discounted price" for your Audio Production only to be disappointed with the results?  Or worse still, have you had to send your work  somewhere else because whomever you let loose on the job messed it up the first time around


Well, NOW imagine if you could have the job done right the first time. Imagine what it would be like to deliver your brief to the studio then sit back and relax and wait for the mix to appear in your inbox. OR (if you like to work more hands-on) what if you could follow the process LIVE. Make edit decisions and approve the final mix all from the comfort of your own office, (or the beach) no matter where you are in the world. Well, now you can.


Some Samples of our work

Voodoo Sound - Voice Over Demos
Voodoo Sound - Radi Imagng
Voodoo Sound - Radio Programs
Voodoo Sound - Radio Comercial Demo

Quick Answers

Price for audio depends on the length and placement of the project. Contact me for a price quote.

How much will it cost?

Our turn around time for standard projects is 24 hours. Obviously this varies depending on the size of your job. 

Contact me with the details of your project and we can give you a rock solid delivey time

How long will it take ?

Take The Time To Tell Us What You're Looking For

Book Our FREE "Get To Know You" Zoom Call

Featured Track


Jamie Meldrum
Senior Program Director

Robbo has done an awesome job for both our brands, Kiss 92 and ONE FM 91.3, always creative, enthusiastic, and a true creative partner, highly recommend!

Bill Davidson
Producer - Freemantle Media

Voodoo Sound's dedication, enthusiasm, passion and professionalism to their craft make having them as part of our production team a joy. 

They work through any problems to make sure you have the highest quality output.

Clare Gerber
Creative Producer

Darren was great to work with- would highly recommend. We were on a really tight deadline turning around a mix of 26 interstitials on 'Alphabreaks', and he put everything in to the project and the outcome was fantastic. Thanks Darren!

Why Choose 

At Voodoo Sound we understand that Audio can be a veritable minefield of choices. Which Voice to use, what type of music, how to get the right feel and many more questions that raise their head. At Voodoo Sound we’ll do whatever it takes to help you crush those issues and leave you with an audio product that stands head an shoulders above the rest. That’s why we dedicate the time to really understand your requirements, and if the case may be, your client's expectations. 
We provide diverse audio solutions that get people listening. Whether you require voice-overs and audio jingles for TV and radio commercials, or a podcast for your website, you can expect high production qualities and competitive pricing. Your communications will be brought to life on time, on budget and on brief.
We may be based in Australia, but we work with clients around the globe every day. It's our speciality, just get in touch and we will explain how we can make it work to your advantage.


Most audio studios have it wrong! They focus on plugins, gear and coffee. At Voodoo Sound we have those things too, but we're well aware they're not going to sell your product or convince your clients to listen to what you have to say.


We are driven by the urge to provide you with the best possible audio production. Here's how we do it.



Creativity is at the heart of everything we do here at Voodoo Sound. 


We have a number of clients who send us their work because they want us to leave our own audio mark on it. Having worked with us over many years they trust our judgement and leave us to make the magic for them.



30 Years is a long time. That's how long we've been at this.


We use this experience to create unique soundtracks and audio productions that fit brief, budget and time constraints.


Results Focus

Not everything we do will end up on our showreel let's be honest. But what we will not compromise on, is perfect results for our clients.


No matter what the job or how big the budget, we understand the result expectation is the same as if it were the most important piece of audio on the planet. And that's just how we'll treat it.


24/7 Service

It's a crazy deadline-driven world out there, and at Voodoo Sound we understand that things don't always fall neatly into 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.


So our business model is based around 24/7 service.  We'll be here when you need it NOW...


  • What is a voice over demo, and why should I have one?"
    Think of it as your audio version of a resume. A good Demo will showcase you doing your very best voice work. Ideally it will be professionally directed, recorded and produced, and will consist of various short clips that feature you doing the various styles of vocal delivery that you would like to showcase. You'll need a demo to show off your skills, sound, vocal range and style in order for an agent or potential client to hear what you can do with your voice. Most importantly, it should be current and ear catching to ensure you stand out from the crowd. To get an idea of how your demo might sound, get in touch... By email: robbo (at) voodoosound (dot) com (dot) au By Booking a FREE zoom chat to discuss your project. Or call us +61 417 267 682
  • Do I need to be in Australia /Sydney to do my Demo with you?
    In short NO! Absolutely not. Voodoo Sound works with voice talent and clients from all over the world. If you have a broadcast quality home studio, you can record from there and we will connect over Source Connect, iPdTL Skype, Zoom, Phone, you name it. Alternatively, you can book a couple of hours at a studio near you and we will patch into them, leaving you free to worry about the reads. Either way, it will sound great. Get in touch with us and I can explain just how easy it really is.. By email: robbo (at) voodoosound (dot) com (dot) au By Booking a FREE zoom chat to discuss your project. Or call us +61 417 267 682
  • I don't have any scripts can you help?
    Yes! Once we have a clear direction in terms of what you want your demo to do, if between us we decide that we need some scripts that will demosnstrate the specific aspect of your voice you're looking to spotlight, I can write scripts that will do exactly that. To find out more, just get in touch... drop me a line, or take up my FREE offer of a 1/2 zoom call to discuss your needs, I can give you a firm price based on what we decide.
  • What if I just want a new demo cut from spots I already have?
    Not a problem. I can do that too. Many of my clients are established Voice Actors who service a niche, and know what their clients (and prospective ones) want to hear. If that's you and you're just lookiong for someone to cut together what you want from what you've got and get it sounding awesome, well we here for you. Better still drop me a line, and we can talk about the process and what you can get from it! Drop me a line, or take up my FREE offer of a 1/2 zoom call to discuss your needs..
  • What's it cost?
    As I mentioned above, all sorts of people requre all sorts of Demos. And all those different Demo's require varying amounts of work. So it's really impossible to let you know just how much it will cost you here. But if you drop me a line, or take up my FREE offer of a 1/2 zoom call to discuss your needs, I can give you a firm price based on what we decide. Which ever way you go, you can rest assured that our prices are more than compeditive.
  • How long till I get my new demo.
    Well as the old adage goes, the faster you get started, the faster you get results. But in general, the whole process will take about three weeks from our initial FREE consultation to discuss your needs and what you are looking to achieve. If you want to get the ball rolling, or just want tao ask a few more questions, book your FREE zoom chat now..
  • I have a heap more questions, how can I get them answered?"
    The quickest and easiest way is to drop me a message. You can do that here.. Just let me know your name, the best way to contact you and your contact details and I'll get back to you. Usually within a few hours. Alternatively, you can book a FREE 1/2 consult to discuss you, your voice over goals, and how we can help to get you there..
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