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About Us

Dear Content Creator, Welcome.


I’m Robbo, Founder and Senior Sound Designer here at Voodoo Sound.


Let’s not beat around the bush here.


You’re on this website because you’re hungry for great audio for your TV commercial, Radio Station, Podcast. or anything else that requires a kick-ass soundtrack. Not to hear my life story.


If you are interested in that (and if you are, I’m flattered, really), then go here.


But here’s the short version…


Having been in the audio game for some 30 years, I started Voodoo Sound a little over 20 years ago from the bedroom of my house in suburban Sydney. 


I didn't have much, an early version of Pro Tools and a handful of Plugins. At first, I met with resistance. "Why would we use a "home studio" for our work? We have standards!" was the usual response to sales calls. But over time the work came, and soon so did the nice things people had to say about their experience.


Since those early days, our client base has grown. We're not the largest Post Production suite in Sydney (let's face it's just me and my Tools), but I can confidently say we have the most dedicated clients. 


And we'd love to add you to their ranks.




In the last 20 years, we’ve provided unparalleled results for our clients.

When you hire me, you are literally plugging in a switched on, battle-hardened Audio Producer who is passionate about realising your audio expectations. You can expect high production qualities and competitive pricing. Your communications will be brought to life on time, on budget and on brief...


The recent trend has been for production facilities to build their own Recording Studios, a job that (if done properly) can cost Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, plus the ongoing cost of an Engineer and other associated costs.


Instead, you can have us work on your projects as they come up for a fraction of that cost (and you don’t have all the headaches of building a studio and staffing a team).


Now I know that it's hard to trust someone who you've never met (the Net is a big scary place after all), so here's what I'd like to do. Drop me a line using the link below. Tell me about your Job and leave me your contact details. I will be in touch with you right away, and we can discuss your project. If we agree that you'd like to give Voodoo Sound a go, I will give you the first Job FREE (Conditions Apply) so you can be sure your choice is a wise one.


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"Darren ‘Robbo’ Robertson, through Voodoo Sound, has provided a vast array of audio post and sound design for Spring in the last 18 months. 

His dedication, enthusiasm, passion and professionalism to his craft makes having him as part of our production team a joy. 

He works through any problems to make sure you have the highest quality output." 


There are sound engineers, audio mixers, sound studio directors……and then there is Robbo.

Robbo adds value to every session and enhances every end product.

From the script to the final mix. Especially, if you’re not ‘precious’ - give Robbo some freedom, even open-slather, and he’ll polish your script, help select and recommend ‘more than just talent’ and then work away like the job is ‘his’ (and it is), in order create the spot you had hoped for.





20 years is a long time to be in business, especially when you are carving out a new niche.

But our success is proof in itself that what we do for businesses like yours works.

Voodoo Sound's focus on your goals is ruthlessly effective…

Because we don’t just make promises on delivery and standards for our clients,

we DELIVER IT. Every day, Every month

Our business is just one Guy and a state-of-the-art Project studio, but with a sole focus on generating results for our clients.

We have access to copywriters, cameramen, editors, graphic designers, website coders, and more…all of whom we can also put at your disposal as a Voodoo Sound client.

Working with us is — and I’m not bragging when I say this — probably the smartest way to make your audio budget work for your project.


Click on the link below and book in some time to chat about your next project FREE!

Audio That Works for You


What do you need from your sound studio? Great ideas? Consistency? Fast turnarounds? Perhaps an audio producer who can convert that brilliant idea in your head into a neat audio file. At the very least, you probably want quality audio that’s on time, on budget, and on brief. It’s not too much to ask, but can be surprisingly hard to find these days.


At Voodoo Sound, we’re about audio that works for you. Audio that makes the right people listen, and communicates your message in a clear and compelling way. Whether you’re in Advertising, media, business, or film we’ll help you be heard.


Why Voodoo Sound?

  • Our Industry "Disruptor" business model means you get a vastly experienced Audio Producer (me) working on your project for a fraction of the cost of either employing your own staff of hiring an external facility.


  • A Rock Solid On Time/on budget Guarantee.


  • Access to both Agency AND Online voice over artists anywhere in the world via direct hookup. This gives you the ability to direct and listen in on your voice session no matter where you or the talent are located.


  • Access to all the usual SFX and Music sources, plus a comprehensive custom SFX library built over our 35 years in the industry..


  • Complete process flexibility. We can come to you for part (or all) of the process, or work autonomously here in our state of the art studio.


  • 24/7 Availability



Voodoo Sound had been contacted by a TV producer looking for somewhere to mix the 7 part documentary they were working on for air in a number of markets around the world.


For a while, the phone went quiet, until one Thursday afternoon we received a frantic call from the producer. He had trusted his work to an on-line production facility and after the work had been delivered he had passed it on to the network for air. 


Unfortunately, the work had been rejected as it did not meet industry standards on a number of key points.  He was hesitant to pass the work back to the online agency as it was due for air the following week. In short, he wanted Voodoo Sound to re-do the project. The only catch was all 7 episodes had to be delivered to the network ready for broadcast the following Tuesday (a 4-day turnaround, with a weekend in the middle). 


Up for the challenge, we accepted the project and were able to deliver the series on Monday afternoon (over 12 hours before the deadline that had been briefed in). 


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