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Instant online support and assistance...

Instant Help Desk

One on One Instant Support and Audio Services

Imagine having an audio engineer on tap to help when you needed it. No waiting for someone to get back to you, no hoping that "friend of a friend" gave you the right advice, and no nervous waits to see if the client will be sending back your audio asking if you could do it again...

Well that's what this service is all about. If you’re having issues with anything to do with audio, and you want a hand in getting it sorted, be it getting rid of background noise in a podcast recording you’ve made, help with muddy sounding vocals or voice over, a mix that just doesnt seem to sit right or anything in between, this is for you.

Robbo will talk you through the process, offering advice and knowldge to get you sorted and moving on with your project using all the gear you have at your disposal.

Book yourself in at a time that suits you, we’ll meet online and together he’ll walk you through getting the results you’re looking for.

  • Processing of Audio Files.

  • Cleaning up noise, editing or processing.

  • Mix Solutions.

  • File Format Conversions.

  • File Loudness Conversions.

  • Anything your audio can throw at you really...

Think of us as your personal help desk on call whenever you need us. It's all live, interactive, AND you get a video of your session to keep for future reference. Book in 15 or 30 minute sessions depending on your needs and budget.


Your Engineer

Darren "Robbo" Robertson

Darren "Robbo" Robertson has close to 35 years experience as an Audio Engineer. Having worked in live and post-production environments for Companies like The Austereo Radio Network, George Patterson Bates, Foxtel, Clemenger, Leo Burnett, Singleton's, Saachi and Saachi the BBC, ABC and many others, he is uniquely positioned to give you the best tips, tools and advice to help you make every session record and every piece of audio you send the best it can be.

Darren "Robbo" Robertson
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