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On Line Studio

Wheteher you're a podcaster, video editor, social media creator or have anything to do with Audio in general, there's always that one issue that pops its head up from time to time that you just cant solve. So you either leave it as it is and live with it, or do your best to take care of it, knowing it's still not exactly the way you'd like it.

Well Voodoo Sound can help. Just book a session in our "On-Line" studio and let Robbo sort it out for you. It's a live and interactive process so you will have complete control over the process and be abale to ask questions and observe the process, so next time, you're well equipped to take care of it yourself.

No problem is too big or too small, and you'll recieve a video of the session to refer back to should you need it.


Your Engineer

Darren "Robbo" Robertson

Darren "Robbo" Robertson has close to 35 years experience as an Audio Engineer. Having worked for names like The Austereo Radio Network, George Patters Bates, Foxtel, Clemenger, Leo Burnett, Singleton's, Saachi and Saachi the BBC, ABC and many others, he is uniquely positioned to give you the best tips, tools and advice to help you make every session record and every piece of audio you send the best it can be.

Darren "Robbo" Robertson
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