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Podcast Interview Record

Got a big interview for your podcast coming up?

Do you just want to save the hassle of having to worry about the mechanics of recording when all you really want to do is focus on the conversation at hand?

OR do you just want the best sounding audio possible, rather than the hard to listen to, noise riddled crap that comes off Zoom?

Well, hand the recording part of the process over to Robbo. Having recorded and produced shows like The Mojo Radio Show, The Pro Audio Suite, Telstra's "Hey Guess What" and many others, he's well placed to remotley record your conversations for you.

He will talk you through setting up your environment for the best results, and give you a bunch of tips to pass on to your guest to ensure that they are giving you the best souding audio possible also.

He will record your interview over the web on state of the art, profressional software, designed specifically for relaying high quality audio and will deliver your audio in professinal .WAV file formats. You will recieve a stereo mix AND seperate stems. If you require, he can also edit and mix your interview before delivery for an extra fee.

More than one guest? Not an issue, we can record up to six easily, and can facilitate more than that if necessary.

Your Engineer

Darren "Robbo" Robertson

Darren "Robbo" Robertson has close to 35 years experience as an Audio Engineer. Having worked for names like The Austereo Radio Network, George Patterson Bates, Foxtel, Clemenger, Leo Burnett, Singleton's, Saachi and Saachi the BBC, ABC and many others, he is uniquely positioned to give you the best tips, tools and advice to help you make every session record and every piece of audio you send the best it can be.

Darren "Robbo" Robertson
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