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30 Minute Audio Help Desk

Interactive Online connection to solve your audio issues.

Service Description

Deep Dive into Your Audio Projects with Robbo's Expertise Are you struggling with complex audio challenges or looking for detailed guidance on your audio projects? Whether you're just starting out in the audio world or you're a seasoned professional facing intricate issues, "Ask Robbo" is here to provide the expert assistance you need. With over 35 years of experience collaborating with global brands and a broad spectrum of audio projects, Robbo offers personalized solutions tailored to elevate your audio work. From detailed podcast production advice and sophisticated voiceover techniques to mastering live performances, my aim is to ensure your audio reaches professional standards. Services Offered: Advanced Audio Troubleshooting: Dive deep into your audio issues with expert analysis and receive actionable solutions that make a difference. Script Enhancement and Creative Development: Refine your scripts and brainstorm compelling, creative ideas that captivate your audience from start to finish. Comprehensive Sound Design: Develop immersive soundscapes that enthrall your listeners and set your projects apart from the rest. What Can Be Solved in 30 Minutes? Detailed Mix Reviews: Obtain specific feedback and practical tips for improving your mixes. Extended Equipment Consultation: Gain in-depth advice on optimizing your recording and broadcasting setup to achieve the best sound. In-depth Software Assistance: Troubleshoot persistent software problems and explore advanced functionalities of your DAW to streamline your workflow. Creative Concept Expansion: Spend time fleshing out creative ideas, discussing narrative structures, and refining the thematic elements of your projects. Why Choose 'Ask Robbo'? Decades of Expertise: Benefit from Robbo's vast experience to solve any audio issue, with insights honed by years of hands-on practice. Versatility Across Audio Formats: My extensive experience covers everything from podcasts and live shows to sophisticated studio recordings, offering solutions tailored to each unique project. Holistic Support: Receive comprehensive advice to improve both the technical quality and creative expression of your audio projects. Booking Information: Book your 30-minute session today to fully explore the potential of your audio projects. Each session includes a screen recording for your reference and a 5% discount on your next booking.

  • 30 min
  • 99 Australian dollars
  • Google Meet

Cancellation Policy

For most appointments, we offer a full refund if canceled at least 48 hours in advance. Should an emergency arise, you're welcome to reschedule once at no additional cost.

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