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Service Description

Unlock Professional Audio Quality for Your Content Creating impeccable audio doesn't have to be a journey filled with years of trial and error. With just a click on the "Book Now" button, you can access decades of insider knowledge. Whether you're a podcaster, voice artist, or content creator, this session is your gateway to mastering audio from the ground up. I will condense 35 years of professional audio production expertise into a session or sessions that address your specific needs. We'll cover everything from microphone techniques and room acoustics to compression settings, noice reduction and DAW intricacies—all tailored to your room, your DAW and any other specific needs you may have. Need help setting up your DAW or syncing audio to video? I'm here to guide you through each step, ensuring you not only understand the how but also the why behind each technique. Special Bonus: Book your appointment now, and you'll receive a screen recording of our call to revisit anytime, plus a 5% discount off your next session. Empower your audio production skills with expert guidance tailored just for you. Let’s make your audio as professional as your content deserves.

  • 1 hour
  • 300 Australian dollars
  • ZOOM

Cancellation Policy

For most appointments, we offer a full refund if canceled at least 48 hours in advance. Should an emergency arise, you're welcome to reschedule once at no additional cost.

Available Online

Personalised Audio Coaching

Unlock Professional Audio Quality: Learn to Sound Like a Pro

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